Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Trump 09 November 2016

I did not expect that.

The anger of the silent majority finally lashed out.

Anger at rising health care costs.

Anger at being talked down to.

Anger at the flat economy.

Anger at a different set of standards for the elites in power.

Anger about feeling anger all of the time.

Hillary declaring war on the NRA and 110 million gun owners put the nail in her coffin.

I see the progressive talking heads all saying it was a victory for racism and sexism.    That is a perfect example of the elitist looking down their nose at Joe Sixpack and exactly why Trump won.  America is sick of eating your elitist shit. 

And so the American people have elected a strong man to be their champion.

It is not really a time to celebrate, even for those of us who despised Hillary.  We have exchanged one existential threat to liberty for another.   

He is still a threat to the first amendment that protects free speech and religious liberty.

He also believes that you can have your gun rights taken away by virtue of a bureaucrat putting your name on a secret list without due process of law.

I have not seen anything that indicates he will undo the damage done to the 4th amendment  by Bush and continued by Obama.

And I don’t see him being a champion of the 9th 10th amendments either.

So those of us who swore an oath to defend and protect the constitution still have our work cut out for us.   The good news is his picks for the supreme court may be sympathetic to the cause.


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  2. "The elitists looking down their nose at Joe Sixpack." Well said. Same thing happened in UK after Brexit. Sneering intellectuals looking down their noses at the ignorant Brexit voters. The worst ones, in my book, are the Zen Buddhist lefties, who think the Buddha's teaching supports their view. But does it hell. The Buddha's teaching does not support anybody's view -- and especially not yours and mine!

    (sanitized version!)

  3. A "Zen Buddhist Leftie" sounds like a contradiction. This Non-Buddhist would prefer a middle way where natural rights were respected and people did not use force to implement their views. And please don't sanitize your thoughts on my account. I have another preference: for honesty. I have so many preferences. Not very Buddhist at all.

  4. Sounds like it, but in fact no contradiction intended. Anything with an -ist on the end is a pejorative term in my book, including also centrist, Buddhist, and the like. To me, Jordan, you are not a Buddhist, you are a bodhisattva, for whom honesty is not a preference. (BTW the sanitization in question was only of bad language.)